First Capital Bank Complaints Process

If you are dissatisfied with the service that you receive from First Capital Bank, please note that you have the right to complain through any of our branches in person, or by telephone, email, letter, social media or complete a complaints leaflet which you can obtain from any of our branches. We aim to resolve your complaint within 48 hours. If the complaint is unresolved within the 48 hours, you may escalate to our Customer Service Department using any of our Contact Centre numbers provided below. We also welcome compliments which you may bring to our attention through the same channels.

Contact Details

Phone: +263 8677 007335 or 263758280-9

You may also reach us through our 24-hour Contact Centre on any of the following numbers:

Econet toll free-08080093-6

Other numbers where normal charges apply:

+263 8677 007336
+263 242 250579
+263 772 192865
+263 772 192868
+263 772 192869
+263 772 192872
+263 772 192874


Social media: Click on the links below to contact us.