Non – Life Insurance

With the support of our Underwriters, Zimnat, we offer a wide range of non-life insurance products. These include the following:

Motor Insurance

This insurance policy covers the vehicle against accidental damage and fire. It also covers third party liability resulting from an event in connection with an accident caused by the insured vehicle, including legal costs and expenses

Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance covers the home against risks such as fire, lightning, explosion, storm, wind, hail, snow or flood excluding loss to gates and fences, or caused by wear and tear. It also covers other perils such as bursting, leaking or overflowing of water or oil from tanks, apparatus or pipes, including damage to the item, impact by aircraft, vehicles, falling trees not intentionally felled and breakage of fixed glass excluding chipping, scratching or discolouration.

Travel Insurance

This covers you as you travel across the world from incidences that you may experience such as loss of baggage, illness during a trip among a host of others incidences.

Business Insurance

You can also take out insurance policies for your business, protecting yourself against loss arising out of unforeseen events.

Hospital Cash Plan

Being able to receive some financial support whilst you are hospitalised is important in order to cover any shortfalls or unexpected bills that you may incur. Our hospital cash plan covers you for each day you are in hospital.

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All First Capital Bank insurance is underwritten by Zimnat.

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