Tax Payment Services


We are here to assist you with the ZIMRA Tax and Revenue Management System_ October 2023

FAQs-Tax and Revenue Management System -TaRMS

As a First Capital Bank customer you can pay taxes directly to Zimbabwe Revenue Authority electronically. Through our payment service, companies can initiate local tax payments via mobile phone or personal computer. Simple and convenient you can be sure your taxes will be paid on time ensuring compliance with government mandates and automating paper-intensive, manual tax payment processes and systems.


✅ Simple and convenient
✅ Pay taxes on time
✅ We’re on hand to provide technical support and assistance should you need it.

Taxes you can pay:

  • Income Tax
  • Pre-paid Income Tax
  • Income Tax Withholding
  • Corporate Tax
  • Pre-paid Corporate Tax
  • Corporate Withholding Tax
  • Real Estate Capital Gains Tax
  • Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • Statement Based Stamp Tax
  • Banking and Insurance Transactions Tax
  • Motor Vehicle Tax


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