Infini-pay is a specially designed application for online bulk payments that allows customers to initiate payments to accounts within & outside First Capital Bank. Currently Infini-Pay solution provides Bulk Upload Functionality which allows customers to upload an excel file with transaction details which will then be processed instantly by the system.

How Infini-Pay works

  • Infini-Pay is designed to take Input in the form of XLS, CSV or text file. The file should contain the basic information mentioned below, which is then used by the application to initiate the transactions
  1. Source Account
  2. Destination Account
  3. Destination Account Name
  4. Amount
  5. Amount Currency
  6. Destination Bank BIC Code
  7. Narration
  8. Receiver Email Id
  9. Receiver Mobile number
  10. Country Code
  11. Branch Code

Advantages of using Infini-Pay

  • The transaction is initiated to different countries and banks (where First Capital Bank Operates) using the BIC Code and Country Code shared.
  • The system can have any Make/Checker rule required by the customer.
  • Even when there are failures after uploading the file, a customer can download just the failed records and do necessary modifications and upload it again. The uploaded file gets merged to the original file and the customer is displayed with the final status of all the records uploaded under the original file itself. This is very helpful and avoids the tediousness in tracking failed transactions.
  • Reports are available at each stage to enable a customer to do internal reconciliations and updates.
  • The application shows the status of the transactions at every given point. Including whether the transaction is pending authorization, authorized, being processed or rejected
  • The application does all the preliminary validation once the file is uploaded and allows the users to correct the data within the application itself.
  • The initiator gets a mail notification once the request is processed.
  • The receiver gets notifications on a shared mobile number and an email id about the credit done to their account.

Infini-Pay Registration

To register customers would have to share the below details:

  1. The corporate user(s) which need to be created with an Admin role
  2. Email Id’s of the corporate user to which email alerts will be sent
  3. All the accounts which can be used to do the payments need to be shared in advance, so that the system will do a validation to ensure that wrong accounts are not debited while doing payments.
  4. The above Information needs to be captured on a registration form and should be captured on Sapphire, for proper governance.

 Infini-Pay Users

  • Individuals or corporates interested in a hustle-free bulk payment solution.
  • First Capital Bank customers and Non-First Capital Bank customers

How to access Infini-Pay

If you are new to Infini-Pay, please download the application form below: