Point of Sale Services

Secure and effective Point of Sale technology.

We understand that your customers can be anywhere. And no matter where they are—in person, over the phone or via mobile device—they expect you to process their payments easily and securely. Our point-of-sale (POS) solutions feature everything you need to easily and safely accept your customers’ payments.  Our available POS tools include:

  1. Smart/Chip Card/EMV terminals: Countertop, wireless, and Bluetooth terminals ready for acceptance of the Smart/Chip Cards.
  2. Mobile wallet payment: Card payment processing equipment which will allow you to accept mobile money.
  3. Mobile solutions: Converge Mobile app allows any mobile device to be turned into a payment terminal.

Features and benefits

✅ Pin-based authorisation to reduce fraud
✅ Portable POS devices for improved customer service
✅ Easy payment solutions
✅ Increased sales off a large card user base
✅ Increased sales off impulse buying
✅ Enhanced merchant profile/image by embracing new technology and services
✅ Cash management solution to minimize cash held on your premises
✅ Reduced retail sales leakage
✅ Purchase with cashback available (cardholders can pay for goods and services and get cash at the till)
✅ Balance enquiry service available

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