First Banking

Introducing An affordable range of financial solutions

First Banking offers customers a range of financial services to suit your specific needs and circumstances.

Current Account –  a simple, effective transaction account for your daily needs

Our current account is designed to add convenience to your daily banking requirements. With the added facilities of a VISA debit card, chequebook and internet banking, all your banking transaction needs are addressed!

✅ 24-hour access
A Current Account comes with a Visa Classic debit card which allows access to your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
✅ No minimum balance
With a Current Account you do not need to maintain a minimum balance in your account.
✅ Convenient bill payment
If you have regular monthly bills e.g. rent or insurance premiums, we can set up standing orders from your Current Account to do this rather than paying cash. Alternatively, you can use your Cheque book.
✅ Other services
The Current Account gives you easy access to a wide range of other products and services including savings and personal loans (see below).

Qualifications Requirements:
        • Specified minimum opening deposit  (to be advised on application)
        • Identification particulars – national ID, drivers’ licence or valid passport
        • Proof of residence in the form of utility bills, company letter of introduction, introduction by an existing customer or latest bank statement.

Bonus savings Account – the savings account with that much extra

Our Bonus Savings Account offers competitive interest enabling you to save your hard earned cash effectively. You may withdraw funds over the counter or transfer funds to another account within First Capital bank.  3rd party transfers to other banks are not available on this account. As this is a savings account we need to draw your attention to the following:

        • No standing orders or direct debits are available
        • Loan Repayments are not permitted from the account
        • There is no ATM or debit card connected to this account
To open a Bonus Savings Account we will need:
        • Original / copy of National ID (metal/plastic), driver’s licence or valid passport
        • Proof of residence in the form of utility bills, company letter of introduction, introduction by an existing customer or latest bank statement.
        • A minimum opening balance is required (to be advised on application)

Group Savings Accounts – helping you save together

Our Group Savings Account is designed for any form of group or association such as burial societies, family events, Christmas groceries, group holiday, Sunday soccer teams etc. We offer our group customers a wide range of options to cater for your various needs. Features of this account include:

✅ No formal constitution required
✅ Tiered interest rate structure- the higher the balance, the greater the returns
✅ No monthly maintenance fees
✅ No Debit/ATM Card
✅ Funds immediately and easily available from any branch

To open a Group Savings Account

There will need to be at least 3 signatories in the group who should apply at their nearest branch bringing with them:

  • The specified minimum deposit (to be advised on application
  • Their national ID Card, passport or driver’s licence (for each group member)
  • Address verification documents for signatories  for each group member in the form of utility bills, company letter of introduction , introduction by an existing customer or latest bank statement
  • Constitution (The group does not have to have a formal constitution.)
  • A mandate to bank (a form can be supplied on application)

For more information on any of our First Banking Accounts please visit your nearest branch or fill out the enquiry form and we will be in contact as soon as possible.

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