Our Sustainable Banking Model

Our Sustainable Banking Model

| Our ESG approach |

As a responsible business we have embraced the global Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) framework and embedded it in our operations to assure incremental continuous conformance leading to sustainable development.

  • We understand our responsibility to align our operations to the sustainable environmental preservation standards.
  • We are held accountable by this moral code which has been integrated into the Company’s enterprise risk management (ERM) framework and reputational risk policies and standards. We subscribe to the principles of responsible banking and are committed to ensuring that all our business practices contribute positively to the society that we serve. We operate in compliance with local regulations, contributing to our country’s ambitions for inclusive and sustainable growth in line with the Government National Development Agenda.
  • The Bank formally joined the Sustainability Standards and Certification Initiative (SSCI) supported by European Organisation for Sustainability Development (EOSD) and is in the process of setting up the project. We are also cognisant of the fact that this is a journey which will be characterized by continuous improvement.
  • Our mandate goes beyond carbon print management but extends to the preservation of land, water, waste, and paper.

| Our journey towards a culture of responsible banking |

Our Policies

We recognise that our operations, and those of our customers, can impact the environment, communities, and other stakeholders. Therefore, the Bank is guided by dynamic policies to mitigate the risk. The Bank has an Environmental and Social Management Framework that pronounces its strategic commitment towards Environmental and Social (E&S) risk management and makes this an integral part of its Risk Management practices. Managing E&S risk is an important part of our sustainable development initiative and credit risk assessment process. The ESMS is aligned with environmental and social risk management practices which are internationally accepted.

Stakeholder Management

Engaging stakeholders is a key priority in delivering our pledge to run a sustainable business. Our Bank has established transparent structures and constructive engagements with stakeholders. These include our regulators, the investment community, our clients, and interest groups in the communities in which we operate. In our continuing engagement, we have held a dialogue with our clients and suppliers to support them in their efforts to meet ESG standards. Internally, we continue to build the capacity of Bank staff, equipping them with skills to identify emerging and evolving ESG risks.

 Our Environment

In 2022, two of our branches began operating on solar energy as their primary power source. In 2023 we commissioned the construction of a 5 Star Green-rated new Head Office that will serve the environment in a sustainable manner. For us, these are exciting steps as we journey towards our goal of contributing to the reduction of our carbon footprint. We recognise that no effort is too small in this transformation. By encouraging the use of recycled materials, making sure that our offices go paperless, and our active participation in World Environment Day, we are cultivating an awareness on the importance of our role in protecting the planet.

Our Social Compass

Our aim is to be a ‘Better Corporate Citizen’ which is based on the premise of our passion as a business to take care of the communities we serve. This is an integral part of what we do, and our strategic approach is designed to incorporate this objective. We acknowledge and embrace the interdependence that exists between us and the communities we serve. We believe that our success should be mirrored by the growth of our society and economy. We achieve this through our strategic partnership with capable institutions. Our colleagues actively participate in Volunteerism activities that transfer pertinent financial skills to beneficiaries across the country contributing to the financial inclusion agenda.

Our Governance

Our efforts will continue to be channeled towards maintaining high ethical standards of operations that are aligned to legislation. We currently wear badges of honor through the following accolades.

  • 2022, the Chartered Governance and Accountancy Institute Awards – Number ONE bank in Zimbabwe in terms of governance and accountability.
  • 2022, second overall prize in the category of Best Risk Management for Banking Institutions
  • 2022, First overall prize in the category of Best Governance Practices for Banking Institutions.
  • 2023, Zimbabwe Corporate Governance Excellence Awards -Best innovation in Governance Award- Banking Sector

Our ESG model will be subject to review on a regular basis as we integrate environmental, social and governance considerations into business decisions.